The sun was out, and the players are eager to kick off the tournament. Over hundred participants turned up to see Apasenth to win the cup, as they won the previous tournament. However, teams were reluctant to defeat the previous champions.

The group stage was contested in a tight manner, with teams’ likes of Coborn, CORE and Apasenth won their first game. Nevertheless, as the group stages continued CORE won all of their games and topped the table. It was now between, Apasenth and Coborn with both teams on six points, only one team can go through to the final. Apasenth started off on fifth gear scoring within 30 seconds to the game. They were adamant to secure a place in the final. Coborn pushed but they were no match to Apasenth, as they won the game by 3-0. The final was a repeat of CORE vs. Apasenth.

The day even got hotter, and two teams are ready for the finals, as the crowds were in for a treat. CORE managed by Ray, wanted his team to play with passion and reminded them they shouldn’t lose to their rivals. As the game kicked off, both teams were battling out for the first goal. The game couldn’t get any tense within the last two minutes to the game, captain Shahin scored the first goal for CORE. CORE was on the verge of victory but never write off Apasenth, straight to the kick off they showed their master piece. 1-1, and no one was ready to give up. CORE huffed and puffed and eventually Tony ran through the left flank, passed to CJ for a tap in. 20 seconds remaining, CORE started their celebration, but a screamer from Juber shocked the crowds and CORE leaving them with a penalty shootout to find a winner.

As we come to penalties, captain Shahin for CORE took the responsibility of being goal keeper. A spectacular save by Shahin, gives an advantage to CORE. CJ placed the ball on the spot, gradually placing the ball on bottom right hand corner, where the keeper couldn’t reach. Again, Shahin saved with his feet, now he knows if he scores CORE will become the new champions. Ray and his team heart were pumping fast, knowing one kick can win the game. Shahin beautifully placed on the left side of the keeper, where CORE celebrated their first trophy.

The award was then handed out by Attlee Centre Staff; Sazzad Miah, Project Manager of Vallance Football Club; Junel Uddin, and, Staff of BFA; Joe.
The Attlee SEN Cup is co-hosted by Attlee Centre, CORE Project, Vallance Football Club and Bangladeshi Football Association (BFA). This is a second adult SEN football tournament being held at Attlee Centre. The tournament has been co-ordinated by four organisations realising the need of sporting event within SEN community. Over 100 people took part on a one day five-a-side football tournament as well as participating in multi sports activity.

The player represented various London Boroughs, including Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Newham and Redbridge. The tournament provided SEN to engage with new people in a friendly but very competitive manner.

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