Girls & Women

Many young girls from Ethnic Minority backgrounds are deprived of opportunities available to them due to barriers and lack of information and encouragement. Young girls from certain ethnic backgrounds are stopped from seizing new opportunities due to cultural differences within society and also as some parents prefer to have their daughters’ home doing domestic duties rather than going out and taking part in the courses or activities provided for the young girls.

This gives our youth workers the opportunity to communicate with the young girls’ parents and allow the staff and parents to build a strong relationship to ensure the girls are able to grasp every opportunity that is available to them. Our youth workers use a range of extra-curricular and recreational activities to empower young women and inspire them to realise their aspirations.

AYCC Girls’ and Young Women’s project aims to work with 5-25 year olds, to empower and enable young women to realise their potential and contribute positively to society. We plan to do this by providing a culturally sensitive environment where girls and young women don’t feel socially isolated. We feel that it is important for girls and young women to be comfortable in an environment of their own because it allows them to resolve their personal identity and feel supported through their transition into adult life, they are able to have a pleasurable experience of group interaction with other peers who are also going through this transition in their life, and so that individuals feel a sense of belonging, acceptance, solidarity and social affirmation simply from being together.

What we offer:

  • The challenges faced by girls and young women when growing up can differ greatly from those of young men; we are able to provide a safe all female environments where they free to explore without the fear of judgment from their male peers. These sessions are facilitated by experienced female staff, which is able to support their needs and challenge their insecurities.
  • Girls and young women are able to develop their social and emotional skills in a safe and trusting environment where it is okay to make mistakes.
  • They are supported and encouraged to try new things and question the things that affect their lives.
  • An opportunity to meet new people, build new positive relationships and participate in various activities in arts and crafts, performing arts, cooking, accredited Courses
    workshops on issues affecting young women, skills building and sports.
  • To encourage positive achievement out of school/college hours, help young women learn new life skills and build on their profile in areas of choice.
  • Our aim is to support the girls and young women who attend AYCC to become well rounded, confident and ready for work or further education.
  • Cooking sessions: A series of sessions, teaching groups of young people how to cook their essential meals promoting healthy eating, social development and shared learning.
  • Volunteering opportunities: A platform for development of young women, gives young women the opportunity to gain experience in working with young people, build on skills, access training opportunities in youth & play work and contribute to the positive development of provision for young women.