Volunteers are a very important source of input to the Centre. The following sets out our commitment to working with them. In working with volunteers we are able to ensure that the needs of our users are met and bring in new skills and perspectives to the Attlee Centre. This also is an open door to allow volunteers to build up on their soft skills, enhance on existing ones and create new ones.

We have range of volunteering opportunities. Some volunteer placement can be directly volunteering with us or with are in house partner organisations.

All our volunteer opportunities can be found on the National database do.it.org.uk, Major of London and vinspired.

We are also registered as an awards provider with vinspired and can issue out the recognised awards to our committed young volunteers.

The awards come in 3 stages they are as follows:

V10: is the starter award for completing 10 hours of volunteering.

V50: Is for 50 hours of volunteering. You’ll need to show what that you understand of the skills you’ve used and the impact you’ve made.

V100: Is for 100 hours of volunteering. You’ll need to show what you have learned during your volunteering and how your skills have developed.

For each award you complete you will receive a certificate in recognition of your achievement. Our recruitment process is very simple they are as follows:Volunteers can be recruited from a wide range of sources including current users of the Centre, above the age of sixteen years. All volunteers are School placements, college or university students self referrals, cooperate groups volunteers, international and volunteering referrals from other service providers.

What we can offer you in return of your hard work and contribution:

1) Certificate in recognition of your achievement.

2) Essential travel expenses: Reasonable subsistence costs when on trips 3) References: Volunteers who have given a minimum of 70 hours satisfactory service will be entitled to seek a reference from their line manager.

4) Supervision and 1:1

5) Training: Where relevant, training will be made available and every attempt will be made for this to be accessible for the volunteer.

6) Experience and more tools under your belt.


All enquiries from perspective volunteers will be dealt with within 3 working days, a electronic Registration form will be emailed over to you for completion, which you should complete and email back to us along with an updated cv. Upon receipt you will be invited in for an informal chat, this is so we can find out more about you and your interests/suitability. Hours can be negotiated depending on the role that you are applying for.

If you would like to register, then please email; admin@attleeycc.org.uk