• Community – the one we are trying to create within AYCC and the those in the surrounding area
  • Respect – for all who use our centre and it’s facilities and reciprocated by our users
  • Diversity – we welcome all people from all backgrounds
  • Ambition – for all our members regardless of their abilities and disabilities; provide the support they need to be the very best at what ever they pursue and for our organisation to be the best in our field
  • Quality – in the service we provide
  • Independence – for our members and us as an organisation
  • User-involvement – we involve all our members in the planning, monitoring and evaluation of our services and activities.


  • To create opportunities and choices which increase children and young peoples’ independence and ambition.
  • To increase children and young peoples’ self-respect and self-esteem.
  • To increase children and young peoples’ respect for themselves and for others from different cultures and with different life perspectives.
  • To enable children and young people to become better and more responsible citizens.
  • To improve policy and public attitudes which affect children and young people.


  • To provide an inclusive, vibrant, exciting and challenging environment for children and young people to engage in play, recreation and learning.
  • To run culturally sensitive sessions of play, youth and sport activities for girls.
  • To run a programme of play, including adventurous and free play activities and trips
  • To provide a specialist youth activities programme for young people aged 14 and older.
  • To provide specialist sports activities programme for all children and young people.
  • To provide opportunities for young people to volunteer at AYCC and learn new skills.
  • To build links other similar organisations, locally, nationally and internationally.
  • To run events and seminars which contribute to policy debates and public attitudes concerning children and young people.
The Attlee Centre strongly believes that all young people should have access to a wide range of opportunities to support their social, emotional and physical well being and development in a safe and secure environment.

We provide Play and Youth services for 5 to 19 year olds; up to 25 years for those with additional needs; after school, weekends and school holidays. We are a fully inclusive provision. Our work is influenced by the needs of the Children and Young People who attend our centre and all activities are adapted to include everyone.Our policies set out our values for play and youth work, and provide a context for our approach to these practices. It establishes the criteria which we believe underline our high quality provision delivered by qualified and skilled staff.

We are Ofsted Registered and have achieved accreditation for our work in Play and Youth. We provide an extensive programme of activities for children and young people funded by a range of funders and donors including the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Lottery and London Youth.