Attlee Youth

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Attlee Youth Club (AYC) was started by a group of local youths around 1999 after they had “graduated” from the adventure playground. Faced with no where else to go, they approached the Foundation who were managing the playground at the time and requested permission to open the playground on Sundays for the older age groups up to 19 years to play sports and football in particular.

The sessions were managed by them under supervision of local adults. This has resulted in good relationships with young people, especially the hard to reach sector of the youth population who are disengaged from any form of mainstream provision.

The catchment area for the project is ‘Tower Hamlets’, a borough marked with economic decline, high-density social housing and a high level overcrowding. There is also a worrying rise in the number of youth getting involved in criminal activities and drug use.

Aims & objectives
AYCC aims to empower young people through advice, information, education and practical support, to allow them to make informed decisions about their lives. AYC is more than just a ‘youth club’ and sees the development, needs and aspirations of young people as paramount.
The strongest asset of the AYCC is its ability to connect with youth and mobilise positive action; as such we continue to:

1. Maintain a grass roots approach
2. Ensure young people have a voice in the delivery
3. Participate on strategic forums
4. Build new partnerships
5. Invest in the next generation of young people