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General Conditions relating to hire of Attlee Youth and Community Centre (AYCC) outdoor sports pitches, training areas and indoor rooms. These conditions should be read in conjunction with any special conditions relating to the facilities concerned. If you have any queries at all please contact the AYCC.

1.      Method of Hire

(a)    Bookings for the use of AYCC facilities should be made to the AYCC office, on the official booking form. The acceptance of this form does not constitute a contract unless the hirer receives written confirmation from AYCC.

(b)   AYCC reserves the right to refuse a booking. Reason(s) for the refusal will be given.

(c)    All hirers must pay for their hire in advance of use.

2.      Method of Payment

Payments must be made via BACS transfer or by cheques payable to The Attlee Centre. Payment for one-off and block bookings must be made, at least, 10 working days in advance of and for the entire length of the booking.

AYCC reserves the right to amend the scale of charges at any time without prior notice.

3.      Deposit

The hirer will be required to provide a refundable security deposit of £50 (cheques) on arrival at AYCC to cover any damage or loss of equipment provided. The deposit will be returned once the equipment and premises have been checked by a member of the AYCC staff, at the end of the booking.

4.      Proof of Booking

When using AYCC pitches or training areas hirers must have proof of booking. Failure to produce proof may result in time lost on the hire.

5.      Equipment

AYCC can provide equipment for football, basketball and netball if required. Should the hirer wish to play hockey, they will need to provide their own equipment. AYCC will not store any equipment on the premises without prior approval. Where approval is given, no responsibility is accepted by AYCC for any loss or damage to equipment resulting from such storage.

6.      Parking

There are no provisions for parking at the AYCC.

7.      Cancellation 

(a) Block bookings
Should a hirer wish to cancel a block booking, the AYCC office must be informed within 10 working days of the start of the booking. Failure to comply will result in no refund of fees being made.

If a hirer is unable to use the allocated pitches or training areas through very bad weather AYCC will try to reallocate the lost games as quickly as possible.

(b) One-off bookings
Should a hirer wish to cancel a one-off booking the AYCC office must be informed in writing within 5 working days of the start of the booking. Failure to comply will result in no refund of fees being made.

For both block and one-off hires; AYCC shall not be liable for any financial or other loss or damage suffered by the hirer where the hire is cancelled or rendered impossible by reason of very bad weather, accident, strike, lock out or other like causes or because of events beyond AYCC’s control. The hirer shall indemnify AYCC and their staff in respect of all claims, damages, penalties, costs, expenses and demands made against or incurred by AYCC arising out of or in any way connected with the hiring.


Block booking

Full refund:  10 working days in writing     

50% refund: 7 working days in writing      

Special note: If games are cancelled in the middle of a block booking, the game will only be pushed forward if the full invoice has been paid in advance and we have received 10 working day’s notification in advance of the game date. 

One off booking

Full refund:  5 working days in writing

50% refund: 3 working days in writing

8.      Specific Conditions

(a) All pitches/rooms may only be used when in a fit condition and any decision as to the condition of the pitch/room shall be left to AYCC whose decision shall be final and binding.

(b) The hirer shall be entirely responsible for taking due care and attention for the protection of children and vulnerable adults in their party on the premises.

(c) The hirer must make suitable provision for the proper supervision of their event, and persons, Clubs and Organisations must take all precautions necessary to ensure that there is no danger, inconvenience or annoyance to other users or members of the public.

(d) The hirer accepts full liability for any accident arising from the use of the pitch and/or changing rooms, also for all damage which may be done therein or thereon by members of their party. AYCC will bill the hirer for any such damage and the cost of repairs.

(e) The hirer is responsible for ensuring that the pitch/changing rooms (including showers and toilets where applicable) are left in a tidy condition.

(f) Changing rooms will be opened before play. In the interim period the hirer must provide his own protection for property or goods brought, deposited or left in the dressing rooms, as no responsibility can be accepted by AYCC in respect of any damage to or loss (including theft) of any property so deposited or left. Lockers are provided at a cost of £1.

(g) No responsibility will be accepted by AYCC for any property brought, deposited or left on the pitch and the hirer must provide their own protection in respect thereof as set out in Clause (f) above.

(h) The changing rooms must be vacated as soon as possible after play.

(i) The Centre must be notified immediately of any change of the hirer’s contact details.

(j) Extension of bookings may be allowed if approval is first obtained from the AYCC office and the appropriate hire fee paid.

(k) AYCC is a non- smoking and alcohol free premises. Anyone caught smoking or drinking alcohol will be asked to leave and their booking terminated immediately.

9.      Complaints

Any complaint in respect of any arrangement connected with the letting or use of the facilities should be made in writing to AYCC in accordance with the Complaints Procedure as set out below.

10.   Complaints procedure

AYCC is committed to continual improvement of its services and facilities. It recognises
that complaints are an important tool for addressing problems and will endeavour to
ensure that all complaints are investigated and acted upon fairly.

Complaints can be raised with any member of staff, either verbally or in writing. The member of staff will either respond or refer the complaint to a more senior member of staff for investigation. Following investigation, a response will be made in writing setting out the nature of the complaint, the outcome of the investigation and any proposed actions as a result of the complaint.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the response the person dealing with it should refer the complaint to the Operations Director.

Any complaints that cannot be satisfactorily resolved by the Operations Director will be referred to the Board of Trustees whose decision will be final.

11.   Further information

Please contact the Team Administrator Fully Begum at the Centre, for further information call 0207 375 3212 or email admin@attleecentre.org

12.    The Attlee Youth & Community Centre is a registered charity no. 10857259

Please note: your booking will only be confirmed once you have signed the Terms & Conditions and completed and returned the Hire Form.