Volunteers are an important source of input to the Centre; they bring new skills and perspectives which supports children to understand individual differences and the world around them in diverse ways.  

Volunteering also benefits volunteers to build on their own skills, enhancing existing ones and gaining new ones.


We have a range of volunteering opportunities: 

Volunteer with us to:  

    • directly work with our beneficiaries and projects (gardening, play, youth, sports, community work, mentoring)  
    • support our staff with the work of the organisation (e.g., website and social media, mentoring, business skills, fundraising etc.) 
    • Our volunteering opportunities can be found on the do.it.org.uk, Major of London and v-inspired with whom we are registered as an awards provider. 


The awards come in 3 stages and you will receive a certificate in recognition of your achievement at each stage: 

    • V10: is the starter award for completing 10 hours of volunteering. 
    • V50: for 50 hours of volunteering. You will need to show that you understand the skills you have used and the impact you have made. 
    • V100: for 100 hours of volunteering. You will need to show what you have learned during your volunteering and how your skills have developed. 


How do you become a volunteer? 

    • We welcome volunteers from all walks of life. 
    • You must be aged 18 years and over and will require an enhanced DBS check which we can arrange if you do not already have one.  


In return for your contribution, you will receive: 

    • Certificate in recognition of your achievement. 
    • Essential expenses: reasonable travel and subsistence costs when you volunteer a full day 
    • References: for those who have given a minimum of 70 hours of satisfactory service  
    • Supervision and 1:1 
    • Training: where relevant, training will be made available to support you in your work with us.  


Please email us at admin@attleecentre.org we will contact you within 3 working days of your enquiry for an informal chat and next steps.